Keep your Children Safe Online

The Internet offers many exciting benefits and tremendous opportunities for everybody whether using it to send emails, shop or socialise with friends. The Internet is an essential part of young people’s lives enabling them to connect with friends, learn, play games, watch movies and have fun.

The Internet is an important part of their lives but if not used safely, can expose them to many risks. Understanding these risks can help you to keep your children safer online.

Sometimes a lack of knowledge can make adults feel wary about how to actually keep children safe online. However, there are practical steps we can all take to help keep children and young people safe when using technology.

E-Safety is about the protection of children whilst they are using the internet and digital technologies. This includes awareness of:

  • risk-taking and inappropriate behaviour by children and young people
  • risks and inappropriate behaviour by others to children young people
  • illegal activity

Whilst our school strives to empower your children with the knowledge to stay safe, it is important that you have a good awareness of the risks and dangers yourself.

Support and Advice for Parents in keeping children safe on line is available:-